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Turn your passion into a business

Develop an entrepreneurial mindset, learn how to create and expand your business

Filomena Silva

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Hi, I'm Filomena

I've been working in the communications sector for over 10 years and I've been helping business people and entrepreneurs to share their ideas, products and services with the world.

Creating a business used to be something that only people with certain resources could do. But things have changed! Today it is possible to turn an idea into a profitable business, without the need for a large financial investment or in-depth technical knowledge.

In recent years I have worked with hundreds of people like you, helping in the process of creating and expanding digital businesses. I know what works and what doesn't and how to help you turn your passion into your business.

career mentoring

Communication consultancy

Content production

Reporting and television

Radio and voice over

I'm an expert in:

Do you know all the necessary steps to create your online business?

  • Develop an entrepreneurial mindset

  • Define your business vision and mission

  • See in your idea countless opportunities

  • Create a concept that stands out from the rest

  • Develop a solid business plan

  • Create a professional and effective website

  • Communicate consciously with your audience

  • Create content that connects your audience

  • Scale your business with available resources

  • Bet on your constant development

Empreender comigo

Filomena Silva

Podcast: Empreender comigo

Dicas de empreendedorismo é comigo. Coaching e mentoria de carreira também. Se procuram informações sobre como criar o vosso projeto, fazer uma transição de carreira, ou criar um plano de negócios, é por aqui. Até já.

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Making a career transition or starting a business to earn extra income can be challenging.

Are you truly working on something with purpose and meaning?
You know you have a blockage and you can't figure out how to move forward?
Do you feel disconnected from yourself and the career you are developing?
Do you recognize that something is missing to take that leap in your professional life and you don't know what it is?
Are you far from having a balanced life between the personal and professional areas?

Are you ready to take the next step?

By undertaking with me you have many options available according to your needs and budget. See which option is best for you right now.

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"Excellent professionalism, with great attention to detail and full availability."

Business client, Portugal

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